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Be a dreamer and a doer

It is time to slip the script on the stigma of working moms. You are more than just a working mom, you are a woman who deserves everything you ever dreamed of. You do not have to stop dreaming because you are a mom. It is time to take those struggles and make them triumphs.

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I’m Lisa! Welcome to the Working Moms Blog

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My Mission

I am on a mission to help working moms to have the life they want. To be able to do it all and stay grounded while doing it. Being a mama is a full-time job within itself. I am here to help empower working mama’s to take charge of their lives & parenting. Mentoring and inspiring all women to live their best lives no matter what.

Life is but a dream. It is what you do with your dreams that will define your life” – Lisa Simon

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It is never too early or too late to start working on what is most important. You! Taking that first step can be hard, but I am here to help you discover that you can accomplish anything. Set your sights on your goals, and let’s get started. In this workbook, you will find a wheel of life that will help you reflect on your present life to build a better future. The rest of the workbook is for your to plan out your goals in small bite-size chunks so you can accomplish your big goal. Its time to get to work. 

What you can expect in the Weekly Newsletter is advice and tips to help working moms in their careers, at home, and taking themselves. Motherhood is can be hard, but working moms deserve to know that they are not alone in their struggles to juggle it all. So every week a newsletter of our latest posts gives you helpful tips with real advice from a working moms perspective and experience. 

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Get your FREE Self-Love Journey Workbook!


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