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Kids doing chores is a topic that has been debated for generations. Should kids do chores? My answer is yes, but before I tell you why, let’s discuss the reason people say no. Some parents believe that kids should be kids. They think they should concentrate on school and socializing instead of doing chores. Now I understand what these parents are saying, and I do not deny that school and socializing aren’t important, but learning responsibility is also essential. It is all about balance, even at a young age. We fuss over getting them on a schedule and a routine because it makes our lives easier, and teaching them to do clean also helps us in the long run.

This is about teaching them responsibility, not about turning your child into a servant. Chores should not be a form of punishment. Kids helping to clean the house should be presented in a fun way to learn and help keep the house clean. It also relieves some of the stress on you, giving you more time to spend with them. When you teach them early, they will do better later in life when they are on their own.

When should you start implementing chores? It would be best to begin chores when they are around pre-school age because when you create habits at a young age like cleaning up their toys, they carry that throughout their lives. You won’t have to worry about telling them to pick clothes up off the floor because they will have formed a habit of cleaning up after themselves.

5 Ways Chores Benefit Kids

5 Ways Chores Benefit Kids

Help teach life skills

Teaching kids comes with the job. We want them to be able to survive on their own one day. Starting them with chores early in life will help in the long run. They won’t be running to your house to do the laundry because they will know how to do it themselves. When they have a list of chores to do it teaches them responsibility, independence, and organizational skills.

It also teaches them to set priorities that will make them more successful because prioritizing what is essential creates independence. Chores also help kids with time management skills. If they want to go out with their friends, they need to get their chores done, so they learn to manage time to be able to go out.

Chores also develop strong negotiation skills. We all know it’s true. Just think back to when you were a kid and were negotiating what chores you would do and when you would do them. Those were us developing negotiation skills, and you kids will benefit from this in the future.

Teaches kids responsibility and self-reliance

I keep saying responsibility because it is such an essential part of life. We all have responsibilities as adults, and I believe when kids do chores it teaches them that skill. Too many kids who have no responsibility at a young age often pay the price when they become adults. Having responsibilities give them a sense of independence and self-reliance, which builds their confidence.

Teaches teamwork

Teamwork is an important skill, so when chores are a family activity that requires teamwork, kids learn to work together. Getting your kids to do chores isn’t always easy, but they will follow when you lead by example. If they see you cleaning the kitchen or doing the laundry, they will most likely want to help. Working together gives you two things: time together and a clean house.

Helps build a strong work ethic

Chores will give them a leg up later in life because they have developed a strong work ethic. They will understand that hard work equals achievement. They learn that a little extra effort really does go a long way. There has to be some kind of reward at the end of it though. We work every day for nothing, we are rewarded and paid for our efforts. So, adding a little reward such as a prize for little ones and an allowance for the older kids can go a long way. It teaches them that the more effort you put into something the bigger the reward.

Chores Toddlers helping to clean

Builds self-esteem

Building a child’s self-esteem is important. The real world is a mean place, so you want your kids to be confident in their abilities to navigate this crazy world. Giving them chores to do by themselves helps them build that and makes them feel independent. It gives them validation that they won’t always need us as hard as that is to swallow as a mother. Creating independence helps build respect in a parent-child relationship.

Final Thoughts:

I firmly believe that kids that do chores starting at a young age. Grow up to be well-rounded individuals who thrive in life. Do they always like doing chores? No, the younger they are, the more they like to help. We all love Mommy’s little helpers, but as they get older and start to have more friends and independence, the more annoying the chores become for them. As a parent, we already know that life isn’t always fun and games. It is something that kids should learn that if you want fun stuff, you have to take care of your responsibilities first.

If you are not sure where to start, check out this article I found on verywellfamily.com. It gives you ideas of what chores you can assign to your child based on their age group.

Leave a comment below and tell me your ideas and hack on having your kids help around the house.

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