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Relationships are complex, so how do you know if you are in a healthy relationship? First, when you are in a relationship, you will go through good times, bad times, and everything in between. I say this all the time if you assume that everything has to be butterflies and rainbows to be in a healthy relationship, you are not in a healthy relationship. Couples think for a relationship to be considered healthy has to be perfect 100%. That’s is simply not true. A healthy relationship is when you and your partner feel connected and are satisfied with how the relationship is going.  

Many aspects make up a healthy relationship, like commitment and trust, which can help you navigate issues and stay together.

These are the Signs of a healthy relationship

Cooking together Signs of a Healthy Relationship

You can communicate easily

Communication is vital to any relationship, but how you communicate is what matters when you can share opinions and views without consequences or fear. Clear direct communication, such as discussing your wants and needs openly. Expressing yourself will help resolve any problems when they come up. 

You can trust each other

A strong relationship consists of trust. Without trust, you have nothing. It is one of the foundations of any relationship. Successful couples trust each other in many areas, such as staying faithful, money, parenting styles, and transparency. Can you trust what your partner says, or do you second guess them? The three main areas of trust are dependability, predictability, and faith in your partner. 

“When people can trust their spouse in navigating these issues effectively, the relationship can move forward in a healthy way,” says Samantha Saltz, MD.

You encourage and support each other’s goals

Even though you are a couple doesn’t mean your goal, dreams, and aspirations go away. You, as an individual, bring all of that with you into a relationship, and so does your partner. The question is do you support each other and individuals. Because to be very honest, your goals do not become their goals just because you are together. Do they support and encourage your dreams? 

When you decide you want to start the business, write that book, or go back to school, is your partner cheering for you? If they are and genuinely want to see you succeed, that is a sign of a healthy relationship. You might not be able to quit your 9-5, but when they understand the late nights and support what you are trying to accomplish, partners do for one another.

Your biggest cheerleader should be your partner because your success is a priority and vice versa. Your goals and dreams are important to you and should be important to your partner. 

Spending time in a Healthy Relationship

You respect each other for who you are

Respect is a big word when it comes to relationships. It is important to respect each other because when you are able to value each other’s opinions, This comes in handy, especially if you are in an argument. Respect isn’t about controlling someone it is about having the freedom to be yourself and being loved for who you are as a person. 

You are able to agree to disagree

A disagreement should not lead to hostility or resentment towards each other. Respecting your partner’s opinion even when you disagree with it can make a relationship stronger. At times it can be challenging to keep an open mind. When you do, you might walk away learning something. Being able to talk openly about subjects that matter to you is essential. Your partner doesn’t need to agree with you all the time. That is what makes each of you unique.

Spend time apart 

Spending time apart is healthy in a relationship for so many reasons. It is important to be independent of your partner. You will have your interests, hobbies, and friends separate from your relationship. Keeping your own identity as an individual is vital to any relationship. Think about it you weren’t always in a relationship, and your partner is with you because of who you are, so never lose that.

Having time alone is healthy for both you and your partner. You need that to nurture your own mental and emotional health. Being secure in a relationship means that you can spend time separately without worrying about what the other person is doing. Being able to spend time away is a sign that you trust each other.

You support each other during tough times

It’s easy to be supportive when everything is going well. The real test is when times get tough. When the waters get rocky, you generally want your partner to be there for you. It is something your partner expects from you. Even though you are in a relationship, life happens, so when times are hard, supporting each other through them only makes you stronger as a couple. Even just listening is a sign of support for your partner. You might not always solve the issue, but you can be there to listen with compassion.

Laughing together in a healthy relationship

Able to resolve arguments and disagreements

Being able to resolve arguments and disagreements is a sign that you are committed to the relationship. When you have a strong foundation working through conflicts together is easy. It shows that you can communicate your feelings and listen and understand your partner. In doing this, it leads to compromises and resolution to the problem. Arguments are bound to happen and are healthy in a relationship. You can read all about Why Arguing Is Healthy In A Relationship?

You appreciate the little things

Appreciation goes a long way in a relationship. When you appreciate the little things like your partner taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, or folding the laundry and expressing your gratitude for the help it makes your partner feel appreciated. Also, when you treat your partner how you want to be treated, it shows a sign of respect and love. When your partner is grateful for something you do for them, it makes you feel loved. So learn to appreciate the little things you do for each other because love only grows stronger when you have a grateful heart.

Final Thoughts

A healthy relationship is not this perfect cookie-cutter relationship. It’s about going through the highs and lows together. Loving and supporting one another in every aspect of your lives together. Take time to care for your partner as a person who has needs of their own. Appreciate all of the things that make you so good together.

Any healthy relationship consists of respect that is earned not given and trust that is shown in your actions. I have learned many lessons from my relationship, and although it wasn’t always easy, I found that if you lay the foundation right, you will find yourself a relationship that can last a lifetime.

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