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About Me

I am a working mama just like most mamas. Going through everyday life as a woman with a career and a family. The struggle is real. I certainly don’t know everything, but I have learned a few things along the way. I am a wife, a mother, a boss, and a friend. Living my life as I navigate motherhood. 


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Hey there, I’m Lisa

About Me & My Story 

I am a mother, a wife, and a career woman. My family is my life and being a working mother has had its challenges. While navigating this journey I have learned many things about being a working mama that wants to share with you. I want to do it all, but I quickly realized that in order for me to do that is was going to take a village. I want you to follow along with me as I share my own journey and what I have learned about being a working mama.

My Mission 

I am on a mission to help other mamas to have the life they want. To be able to do it all and stay grounded while doing it. Being a mama is a full-time job within itself. I am here to help empower working mama’s to take charge of their lives & parenting. Mentoring and inspiring all women to live their best lives no matter what.

Life is but a dream. It is what you do with your dreams that will define your life” – Lisa Simon

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One day, I hope to visit


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New York

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Bobbi Brown

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