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Making changes for the better takes bravery and determination. It is the end of an era as I have finished out my time at a company that I have been with for almost fifteen years. They called me a lifer because they thought that I would never leave. I started my career with them and I even thought I would retire from that company. What I discovered is that the universe works in mysterious ways. My career wasn’t meant to be one long chapter in a book. So as I close this chapter I am preparing for a new one. 

Most people take some time off in between, but I prefer to jump right in. No need for a break when you love what you do. Moving on from friends, co-workers that you have grown with is hard. It was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make professionally. I am not the person to play it safe there is no fun in that. You can only grow so much with a company before you hit a ceiling. That is when bravery comes into play. 

End Of An Era

End Of An Era: Packing up a desk

I left a company where I was the go-to person for everything. They relied on me and needed me because I knew the company inside and out. It’s great to feel needed, but it can only get you so far. Things are not the way they used to be when loyalty to a company no longer means pay raises and promotions. Loyalty now means staying stagnant and companies being complacent when it comes to employees who have been loyal to them. 

Is it easy being uncomfortable stepping into a new role? YES… but it is necessary because with discomfort comes growth. This is not just professionally, but all aspects of my life. Stepping up to the plate day after day to face challenges has made me the person I am today. 

Taking risks and following your intuition when it comes to setting your path to reach your goals is entirely in your hands. People blame circumstances and others for their lack of progression. I have learned to stop playing the blame game and took ownership of my life. I set goals at the beginning of this year and I fully intend to accomplish them. 

Change is hard! No one is questioning that, but without change, there can be no growth. It was hard to say goodbye to people and a company that I loved and grew in, but is it really goodbye? When you form work relationships it is never really goodbye it’s just see you later. 

On my last day, I had a family emergency so I left earlier than expected and had to do quick goodbyes. I didn’t have time to register in my mind that it was gonna be a little bit before I see these people again. My focus turned to my family so I rushed through and left. FYI… everyone in my family is fine. The crisis was averted. 

It didn’t hit me until later that night when I pulled out my laptop to send out one last email to my work family. The tears began to flow as it finally hit me that it really was the end of an era. I know all too well that things in life will come to an end however that feeling of loss I felt to my core. I gave myself that moment because I know it is necessary to feel the loss in order to be able to let go and move on. 

End Of An Era career journey

I have a bright and exciting adventure to go on where I can meet new people and have a fresh start. Actually, I took so long writing this I have already started my new adventure at my new job. The transition has not been easy which is why this is being posted over a week after I originally planned. Even though this has taken me some time to write it’s okay because if I have learned anything is that all good things come eventually.

What I want you to learn from this is that and end of an era means new beginnings no matter what it is that is ending. Fear is a healthy and completely normal feeling, but it is how you respond to it is that will make you or break you. I am not looking back even though I will take what I have learned and carry it with me into my new position I am only living in the now. That is all I can do to focus on what is best for me and my family. 

Here is to a new adventure! 

If you have ever reached and end of an era in your life I would love to hear about it. Don’t be shy just drop me a comment and if you really are shy that’s okay you can always contact me and share your story. 

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