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There are 2 different types of employees. The ones who stick with what the job requires and the ones who step outside of what is required. Which one are you? Do you just go into a job to get a paycheck or do you go into a job and make it a career? Do you stand out at work amongst your co-workers? These days the competition in every industry is tough so you have to stand out.

Almost every company I have ever worked at is always looking for employees who stand out. These are the people who do more than just what the position requires. They take on projects outside of their comfort zones to help them grow. Now I am not talking about the kiss asses who suck up to management. Those people are looking to take the easy way and when push comes to shove can rarely get the job done. Strive to be the person who puts in the time and effort to stand out at work.

If you are looking to make yourself known instead of blending in with the office décor you have to take risks. You have to be the person that management comes to when shit hits the fan. The best way to make yourself valuable is by making yourself indispensable.

There are qualities that every employer is looking for in an employee and after a little research, I found an article on indeed.com that helps you get an idea of what employers are looking for. If you are curious check out 9 Qualities of a Good Employee.

Best Ways To Stand Out at Work

How To Stand Out at Work: Helping Customers pick a product.

Do more than what your job requires

Instead of passing the buck all because it doesn’t fall within your job description do the task. For example, if you are in retail as a cashier. There is more to it than just ringing up the customer. When a customer comes up to the register looking lost offer assistants help them find what they need. Don’t say “Someone on the floor can help you” most likely the reason the customer is asking you is that they couldn’t find someone on the floor.

So take that extra moment to step out from behind the register to help them. The reason why is because taking that extra step lets the customer know you care and in turn, they leave an amazing review about you. Which makes management notice you.

Offer ideas and suggestions

You got an idea or a suggestion that will benefit the company you need to say it for it to be heard. Staying silent will never get you noticed. This especially works when you are trying to make a process more efficient. Because we all know time is money. That idea for a new program you think will work for the company might just be the thing that launches your career forward. Management is always looking for new ideas to help advance the company who’s to say that your great idea can’t turn into something amazing.

woman helping to train new employees at an office

Be the one that helps others

Being the person that helps others which will eventually make you into the go-to person.  That is what happened to be I am always helping out people in different areas of my job especially the new people. Do you know what helping others does for you? It makes you valuable. Whenever a new employee starts and needs help, they send them is to me. The reason why is that I have years of experience in the industry and I am the go-to person when it comes to helping others.

When I take the time to teach someone it benefits everyone involved. The person who needs help gets informative thoughtful answers to learn and grow. The company gets good employees who can do the work independently. What I get is to help pass on my experience and knowledge which makes me stand out at work.

Be proactive

Anticipate the problems and issues that are bound to arise and make sure you have a plan in place in case they do. In the moments where shit is hitting the fan don’t shy away and point the finger at someone else. Have a plan and execute it. When management sees someone responding to a problem instead of reacting, they take notice.

Don’t wait to be asked to do something

If you know something needs to be done don’t wait for someone to ask you to do it. A good example of this is if you work in retail and you see that an area needs to be cleaned up go over and clean it up. If you know that a task on a project needs to get done take the initiative and do it. Those who take the initiative are the ones who stand out.


Nothing is better than volunteering to help on a project or with a task at work. It plays into not having to be asked. When you take the time to show interest and step outside of your daily workload it shows character. It gets you noticed doesn’t matter if you are just volunteering in a small way you are still stepping in when no one else did.

Keep a positive attitude

No one likes a Negative Nancy. You know the type who is always running around and acts like the sky is falling. When you stay positive and look for the positive in a bad situation it helps you and your coworkers get through it easier. Looking for the good instead of the bad will get you results that always work out in your favor.

Be willing to learn

In order to grow, you have to learn that’s just the way it works. Be hungry for knowledge because the more you know the higher your value. Don’t shy away from a task all because you don’t know all the answers. I promise there is someone that is willing to teach you whatever it is you want to learn.

Take Responsibility

If you make a mistake own it. People will respect you more for acknowledging your mistake because when you acknowledge it, you will learn from it. This applies to everyone whether you be a cashier, assistant, or manager when you take responsibility instead of blaming others. When you own it you show you have principles and honesty. Both of those qualities are what every employer wants on their team.

Be a team player

There is no “I” in Team. If you are looking to stand out at work you need to be a team player. Working together with your coworkers as a team helps the overall morale and shows you can work with different personalities. Which is a big deal at any job. I know that it can be hard sometimes, but at the end of the day, you are all in the same boat, and in order to keep it afloat you have to work together.

Final Thoughts:

When you want to stand out at work you have to do what others aren’t willing to do. You have to take chances and risks. the only way you can stand out is to not blend in. Take pride in what you do because all the little things add up to big things. Know your worth and bring your worth to the table. Hiding behind a job description will keep you in that job stepping out is what makes that job a career.

If you are looking for more career advice check out Best Ways to Manage a Team

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