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Everyone depends on technology these days, we have for a long time now. As an 80’s baby growing up in the 90’s I didn’t have as much access to technology as I do today. Which got me thinking about how parents are well parenting with technology. We are all so attached to our devices from our phones, tablets, and computers our children learn by mimicking us so they learn from a very young age. Think about it everything is available at a tap of a button. Need to know something just ask Alexa or Siri. There is nothing wrong with technology when used appropriately.

We are all guilty of spending too much time on technology and consequently, it takes away time together as a family. There are ways to counteract the use of technology, just go on any social media app and you are bound to scroll to a video or post encouraging you to unplug. The funny thing about those posts is that you are literally on a device connected to technology my favorite is that this one post has thousands of likes. So much for unplugging because most of us including myself just keep scrolling. As parents, it is up to us to set an example for our kids when it comes to technology.

When it comes to parenting with technology I found it is best to lean into it because it is a tool that can benefit your kids in the long run. It is possible to moderate the use of technology and direct their attention to the best use of that technology to help them learn and grow. If you are struggling with how to parent with technology don’t sweat it I got some great tips to help you on this journey.

Parenting With Technology In 2022

Parenting with technology

Lead By Example

“Monkey see Monkey do”… Kids are always watching and listening as I have learned. So take advantage of that and show them how to use technology as a tool to learn. When we don’t know something we no longer have to go to the encyclopedia we just pick up our phone and google it. Limit your time on social media because if they see you obsessing about how many likes you get or scrolling for hours they are going to do the same thing. The age of FOMO is real.

Take time to play with your kids because it creates a bond away from the screen where it is just you and them having fun. There are benefits to playing with your children 3 Benefits of Playing With Your Children. If you go outside they will most likely get curious about what you are doing and follow you so make it fun.

Get Involved

Screen time doesn’t always have to be alone time. Get involved in what your kids are doing when they are sitting in front of the screen. I have spent many nights lounging on the couch with my son watching YouTube and playing Roblox. It is a great way to monitor what they are doing. It encourages them to interact and bond with you. No one is too old to play video games so grab a controller and play. It teaches them to work together as a team or good sportsmanship depending on what game you are playing.

parenting with technology

Technology is NOT a Pacifier

Do not use technology as a pacifier for your kid’s emotional needs. If they are having a meltdown deal with it as a parent. Sticking them in front of a screen is going to create more harm than good. How To Handle The Meltdown requires you as a parent to take the time to get to the root of the issue and solve it. I promise you Blippi isn’t going to be able to solve what is bothering them. When you use technology as a pacifier you are making them feel insignificant and basically telling them that their feelings don’t matter. This will cause a bigger issue down the line when it really counts.

Face-To-Face Communication

I know we live in the digital age, but that is no excuse to communicate through only texting. This is really for teenagers who think that talking through texting is the only way to communicate. Face-to-face communication is so important because text messages can get misconstrued and taken the wrong way because you are reading the text based on your own thoughts and feelings. The best way to keep communication open and clear is through face-to-face conversations.

All parents want their kids to feel comfortable talking to them so start communicating young so that when they become teenagers they know that face-to-face communication is better than text messaging. Text messaging should be reserved for easy quick communication like where they are if they arrived at their destination, or in an emergency and they can’t talk.

Educational Apps

Technology is a lifesaver when it comes to today’s school curriculum. We have all been there and I am currently living through it sitting at the kitchen table doing the dreaded homework. My first thought when it comes to homework is “I already did this why am I doing it again? I didn’t want to do it then and I certainly don’t what to do it now”. Plus everything has changed so much from when we were in school just look at the common core math. I am definitely not smarter than a 3rd grader because I have no idea how to help him with his homework.

I am a grown adult watching YouTube videos and downloading apps just so I can learn how to help him. This is when parenting with technology really comes in handy because there are so many apps that can help your child learn and understand what they are teaching. If you are looking for apps to encourage them to learn, help with homework or just have fun while learning check out these 25 best educational apps.

Final Thoughts:

Parenting with technology can be hard at times, but when you use it in a positive way it can really make your child thrive. Take these tips and use them because technology is only advancing. Teaching our kids how to use it responsibly and creating moments where you can bond with them will make your relationship with them stronger.

It is not a crutch it is a learning tool that gives our kids the ability to learn more. I am not what they call an expert, but I am a mom who is raising a kid in the digital era so I am learning by living it every day. Our relationship has only benefited from technology because I have taken the steps to incorporate and pivot with the technology he has access to.

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