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The #1 Writing Tool

The Magic is a book that can be deceiving just by the title, but it isn’t what you think. This book is all about transforming your life by using gratitude. Think of how much we take for granted. Now think about what would happen if you expressed gratitude for them.

The Magic was written by Rhonda Bryne, the author of the infamous book The Secret. It gives you the jump start needed to put the Law of Attraction into action. The Secret was a great book that caught the world’s attention, but The Magic is the book that gives you the recipe to make it happen.

The Law of Attraction is so much more than just thinking positive thoughts. You can think all you want, but taking actionable steps is what it is all about. That is why The Magic book is so good. It is a 28-day challenge that can change how you see the world around you.

“Knowledge is a treasure, but practice the key to it.”


Thoughts become things, and this is true, but as I said, it is so much more than that. You have to feel it even if it hasn’t happened yet. According to this book, you have to be grateful for what you have now in order to receive the things you desire. There is no scientific proof that this works; it is a belief that cannot be explained scientifically.

This is a combination of self-development and spirituality. The question is, does it work? The Personal Growth Project: The Journey of Self Discovery comes in here. It is about transformation by putting all these self-development and personal growth books to work in our own lives.

Personal Growth Project: The Magic

The Magic Practice Gratitude

This book is all about being consistent and following through. Doing this for 28 days can be difficult. I know this, and I only did this successfully once back in 2020, but the results I received were mind-blowing. I attempted to do it again a handful of times, but as a working mom, forgetting to do the gratitude practice can be easy.

I am on a mission to show that you can transform your life by putting what you read into action. The best place to start is with gratitude to show you that it can be just as simple as being thankful for what you already have to attract the life you want. This book set me on the path to a better life and showed me that you control your destiny, and this is just the beginning.

One of the first steps to starting The Magic is to write down what you want in your life. How do you want your life to be in all aspects? I thought it would be easy, but I wanted to ensure I got the details in place. It is more than writing, “I want my dream job”.

You need to be specific about what your dream job looks like is it in an office or working from home? Are you happy? Do you have a staff? How do you want to feel at this dream job? What kind of house do you want to live in? What car do you drive? What kind of relationships do you want to have? Once you are done writing down what and how you want to live your life it is time to get started.

The first twelve practices are all about showing gratitude for what you have now and all you have had in the past. You must be grateful for what you already have to attract what you want. No matter how small or big, the point of this is to learn to be consistent with being thankful.

The following ten practices are about showing gratitude for your desires, dreams, and anything you want. This is where the magic starts to happen because this is where you should start to manifest what you want in your life.

The last six practices are taking it to a whole new level by extending the gratitude practice to helping others.

Final Thoughts:

In order to prepare for these 28 days, about 3-5 days before I start writing down just a few things I am grateful for and why so I can get used to it. Because once the first day starts it can feel a little bit overwhelming to think of all the things to be grateful for.

I don’t know what to expect, but I will keep an open heart and mind. This is about embracing change and looking forward to the future. What I like about The Magic practice is that I don’t have to clear my schedule to do it. The other thing I like about The Magic is even if you miss a day, all you need to do is go back 3-days instead of having to start all over again.

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