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The #1 Writing Tool

I started day one strong, writing my gratitude list of this 28-day gratitude practice using the book called The Magic. The first day is pretty straightforward. All you need is a notebook and a pen. I set myself up for success by placing my notebook by the coffee maker so I remembered to do it. Planning for something makes you more likely to follow through on it. What are you grateful for? More importantly, why are you grateful for it?

When you write down a gratitude list, it can be for anything good in your life. You might not have much money, but are you grateful for the money you do have? The theory behind writing down a gratitude list is to create a feeling of gratitude. Doing this practice first thing in the morning is best because it makes you feel good first thing in the morning, which seems to carry you through your day.

I made sure to put the list on the second page because I reserved the first pages to get specific about what I want to attract into my life. I also added my list on my phone because I am always on the move and like to be able to read it when I have a moment to keep my dreams front and center. It also helps to set reminders on your phone so you can review your list at least once a week.

Express gratitude by saying thank you

“Better to lose count while naming your blessings than to lose your blessings to counting your troubles.”

Maltbie D. Barbcock

Gratitude List

When you are writing your gratitude list, it is all about counting the blessing you have in your life. Your life may not be perfect, but there is always room for improvement. On the first day, you only need to create a simple list of what you are grateful for. Don’t forget that when writing down your blessings, and you must write down why. Remember, it is all about the feeling of gratitude. I know figuring out where to start can be challenging, but I am here to help.

Ideas for writing your gratitude list:

  • I am so happy & grateful for what? Because why?
  • I am truly blessed to have what? Because why?
  • I am so grateful for what? Because why?

When you finish writing your gratitude list, read each blessing out loud or to yourself and say, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you“. Think about the why it helps to close your eyes and visualize or look at what you are grateful for. For example, on my list, I wrote, “I am so grateful for coffee because it helps start my day.” then I took a sip of my coffee, enjoying its flavor. Another tip to help is when you direct your gratitude toward something you believe in the Spirit, Universe, or God whatever you believe in.

I know, you may think this is crazy, but you can look it up. Some of the greatest minds stayed great because they remained grateful. The gratitude list is just the start of the Personal Growth Project: The Magic. Each day is a new practice, but this practice is to be repeated every morning within the first hour of waking up for the next 28 days.

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