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There are so many things we learn in school in the 12 years we are obligated to go. I am not saying scrap the whole school curriculum all I am saying is to revamp it so they are ready for the real world. Do you know what they should be teaching kids in school?

  • Financial Literacy
  • Investing
  • Money Management
  • Computer Skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Morales & Values
  • Mindfulness
  • Communication

Do you remember what you learned in school? The better question is do you apply any of it to your everyday life? I can tell you what I remember absolutely nothing, not a thing. Don’t ask me when Columbus discovered America or anything about the ships because I have no idea. That is what google is for besides why would I need that information for my day-to-day life? The answer is I don’t. I think it is great for the kids to learn about the history of the country we live in, but none of it sticks.

The reason none of it sticks is we are not using any of that information in our daily lives. The basic math I am totally on board with, but most people don’t need to learn calculus unless it is going to be a part of their career path. It is not a necessity. What blows my mind is I was told that the school curriculum when the truth is I only use the English and Math.

Graduate of Google & YouTube

All of the important stuff to survive in this world I had to learn for myself at the university of google, podcasts, and YouTube. I am now seeing it happen with my son the schools might have changed how they do math adding boxes and lines to figure out a math problem. Mama’s you know what I am talking about. You go to show them how math is done and they are looking to draw boxes and move over counters to learn how to do simple math. I don’t remember having counters as a kid I had M&M’s.

Even though the schools should be teaching kids the life skills and knowledge that will make them thrive in life they are teaching the same stuff that we were taught. The rest is up to us so let’s jump into what they should be teaching kids in school, but aren’t.

What They Should be Teaching Kids in School

What They Should be Teaching Kids in School

Financial Literacy

Having financial literacy is so important. So teaching them at a young age how to money works will only benefit them when they become adults. Too many kids are dependant upon their parents when it comes to money. The reason for that is because no one takes the time to teach them. All we do is set up savings accounts and tell them to save their money, but there is so much more to it than that.

The one thing I have learned is that my son is always watching me and he does what I do. I found the best way to teach my son financial literacy was to let him earn money. Giving him an allowance gives him a sense of independence. Teaching him how to save and budget his money for the things he wants. I also let him see me pay the bills so he knows that the lights, heat, and the roof over his head aren’t a given. It all takes money and in order to earn money you have to work.

As they get older, think tweens and teenagers it is important for them to get a job to understand how to earn and spend their money. It also helps to build their confidence which will help them as they become adults. I found this great article that has some great ideas on How To Teach Kids About Finance on experian.com.


Investing is more for teenagers and a very important tool to them in the future. I never understood why my father insisted that I do a 401K when I first started working. He never explained it to me and I didn’t realize it until I was in my late 20’s. Investing in the stock market, real estate, or even Airbnb is important for financial stability and freedom. Teaching them how to make money work for them instead of them always working for the money can be a real game-changer.

We all know what almost every teenager wants is a car, but a car depreciates in value no matter what you do. Teach them that yes you can have a car, but don’t buy a new one and throw your money away get a used one, and put the money left over to good use. Talk to them about stocks and bonds and let them invest by setting up a brokerage account of their own. Just be careful when explaining because I see a lot of people out there talking about get-rich-quick investing strategies and they are all scams. Investing is a tool to help grow their money steadily and consistently. That is the mindset you want them to have.

Money Management

Another big thing is money management. Money comes and money goes, but you come out on top when you know how to manage it correctly. Teach them about credit cards and what good debt and bad debt are. It’s ok to have credit cards just as long as you pay them and pay as little interest as possible. They need to know that when you use a credit card you are borrowing money and not some infinite cash flow or them to do whatever they want. They should also know how to balance a checkbook, online banking, and how to pay bills.

Two girls sitting in a classroom. Behind a teachers desk,. On the black board is written different types of coding programs.

Computer Skills

Knowing how to work a computer and all its programs is an absolute must. However, it is more than just going online and playing video games. It’s about knowing how to use software like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You might think they are teaching it in school and there might be a class they can take, but that is not enough. It should be a part of the curriculum so our kids are ready to step into any office job.

Please teach them how to use a keyboard and type. The one-finger bouncing around the keyboard is just sad. It is a basic skill that they should know how to do. They should also know the little shortcuts that save them time for example “Ctrl +C” to copy the highlighted text.

The schools should also do coding classes because coding is going to be the future. Coding is the new literacy and the fact is computer code is a language that needs to be taught. Knowing how to read and write is very important, but the world has changed and will continue to change, and coding literacy has become fundamental for the future. It is like teaching a language just for a machine.


You want to encourage your kids to lead and have forward-thinking. Because these days getting a college degree and a stable job and advancement in that job is happening less and less. Being dependant upon a company that can care less about its people and only cares about finding the cheapest labor is not what I want for my son. You want them to create their own opportunities and pay the way to be future leaders.

You want them to become the boss you always dreamed of who cares not just about their company, but the people around them. The key to success is their goals and values so teach them how to problem solve and embrace their ideas. Show them that their dreams can become reality. You should also teach your kids that when they fail it is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Children at a donation drive

Morals & Values

Like I have said before your kids are always watching. They are learning their morals and values from you. Teach them respect by showing them respect. Spending time with family instead of working all the time shows them that family time is important. Honesty is the best policy no matter what the circumstances. To stand up for themselves and others because knowing right from wrong gives them a moral compass that they will use throughout their lives. Words hurt and can cause emotional and psychological issues that can affect someone long-term.

Being kind, but not a push-over is tricky. However, there are ways to tell someone very nicely how you feel. You don’t need to scream, yell or hit to get your point across sometimes all you have to do is talk. That is up to us to teach them this. Teach them empathy towards others. Being compassionate to their friends will teach them to be more understanding towards other people’s feelings. Remember you never know what someone is going through behind closed doors.

Stealing is a big no, no and they need to know this at a young age. The world might be at their fingertips, but it is not for them to take what they want without putting the work in. Teach them right from wrong that is one of our many jobs as parents. Encourage them to help others by donating, volunteering, or just helping a friend with homework.

Good morals and values start at home


When you teach your kids mindfulness you put them on the right track of self-care practices at a young age. I am really big about self-care because I believe that if you practice self-care you are practicing self-love. I can promise you that they are not teaching this in school. When kids practice mindfulness it helps them learn to focus, regulate emotions, manage stress, and create a positive outlook on life.

I found this great article on 12 Simple Ways to Teach Mindfulness to Kids that thought has some great ways to get your kids started.

A group of kids sitting around outside talking


Communication is the key to just about everything. Teaching your kids to communicate openly and honestly builds confidence as well as self-awareness. It is also important that they are able to hold a conversation with others so when they do grow up they are able to express their opinions with ease. It is also a good skill when it comes to negotiating. Part of communicating is being able to negotiate pretty much anything you can think of from compromising with a partner to closing a deal.

Communication should not be a bunch of yelling and fighting it should be about an exchange of ideas, thoughts, and opinions with other people. Another part of communicating is being able to listen to ideas and points of view. Then being able to respond calmly and thoughtfully.

Final Thoughts

I understand that the schools have a curriculum to follow and they have come a long way since I was in school, but life skills are just as important. All of the things I have talked about are all things that the school and we as parents should be teaching our kids. Remember our kids are a reflection of us. Giving them these qualities and lessons will make them the adults you want them to be. We want them to be better than us so give them the tools they actually need to succeed

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